Sustainability is a core part of how we operate

A sustainable business is key to longer-term value creation for our stakeholders, employees, and customers. It is a part of how we operate in Gamma and helps guide us when balancing our financial performance with other stakeholder interests. 

The UN described sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”.  


Not just ticking boxes

Responding to our stakeholders


We believe that sustainability is at the heart of longer-term value creation for our stakeholders, employees, and customers. It’s a core part of how we operate at Gamma and is key to how we balance our financial performance with other stakeholder interests.
In October 2020, Gamma recognised that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and performance were becoming more important to our employees, investors, customers, supply chain partners, and the communities in which we operate.
Our Board established an ESG Committee and, recognising external market factors and our materiality exercise, our approach is both strategic and objective based. We monitor our Environmental, Social and Governance activity and performance through a robust governance structure and we’re committed to publicly reporting our progress.
Our 2022 Sustainability Report summarising our work to date can be found here.

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Our People and Values

Gamma believes that work should be a force for good, whether for our employees, customers or for society, the drive towards responsible and sustainable business starts with people. We play a significant role in society and want to make a positive impact to the communities we are in.

We are committed to building a fair, compassionate and inclusive workplace and contributing to society. Gamma people are central to the success of our business and our values demonstrate our commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels included and can be their very best. 

We strive to develop strong working relationships across our Group businesses, supporting each other through common goals and respect, as well as encouraging individuality.

We encourage people to get involved with our company’s development and to share ideas for enhancing our processes and culture.   

Social value is the positive impact created for society as a result of our contributions, at its heart we aim to help society progress, benefit and thrive. This includes creating value for our employees, customers and stakeholders.



Materiality and Our Stakeholders

During 2021, supported by a specialist third-party, Gamma undertook a materiality exercise of environmental, social and governance issues. The aim was to understand the most impactful sustainability objectives, target areas and high-level actions that we should consider as part of our overall strategic plan.

We designed a methodical approach to our materiality exercise, and included peer reviews, analysis of current and emerging regulation, and consultation with internal and external stakeholders to understand their views and priorities.

All of these activities enhanced our understanding of current expectations of our stakeholders.

The priorities identified as most material are being used to inform our ESG plans and strategic decision-making moving forwards.

Our response

A universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.  

Gamma adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals in January 2020, identifying four where we felt we could make the most meaningful contribution. These goals, along with input from our key stakeholders, have formed the foundation on which we have developed our environmental, social and ethical policies and will influence how we do business in future.


Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls

Gamma is committed to achieving positive outcomes in relation to gender equality, either through formal policy or via our Social plan. We work closely with schools through Hi-Tech Horizons and Speakers for Schools, with activities promoting women and girls into technology careers.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We are committed to developing our people with skills for the future, including future digital technologies. Our apprenticeship programme encourages the younger generation into full and productive employment, while our Graduate programme, launched early in 2022, guarantees a full-time role on successful completion of the 2-year programme.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Ensuring our current and future employee’s wellbeing is a cornerstone of our Gamma values. Feeling included and valued in the workplace, having a voice, and feeling empowered to make decisions, all drive our ‘stronger together’ culture.

Goal 13: Climate Action

We are striving to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce any negative impact that we have on the environment. Our carbon net-zero commitment demonstrates a clear response to taking measurable climate action – a key issue material to our stakeholders, our business, and our employees.