Morph Joins Gamma’s Crusade to Raise Awareness About the PSTN Switch-off in the UK

In an exciting collaboration aimed at spreading the message of the imminent PSTN switch-off, beloved Aardman character, Morph, is partnering with Gamma to ensure the message is received by businesses loud and clear across the UK.

Having recently sponsored a Shakespearean-themed Morph statue titled “The Bard” in Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London to support the Whizz Kidz charity, Gamma’s collaboration with the animated character extends further into the realm of communications. Check out our landing page that hosts the film created in collaboration with Aardman here.

Thousands of unknowing businesses need your help!

A recent study commissioned by Gamma and executed by CEBR revealed a concerning statistic:  29% of UK businesses remain oblivious to Openreach’s decision to discontinue traditional PSTN lines by December 2025. This lack of awareness threatens business continuity, and it is precisely why Gamma’s partnership with Morph is so crucial. It’s not just about informing; it’s about safeguarding the future of these businesses. Helping to amplify Morph’s message is essential, ensuring companies are well-prepared for this transition. The message is clear – businesses have options, but action is needed.

Moreover, the technology to navigate this transition is readily available today. While addressing the switch may feel like a daunting task to some businesses now, embracing the change can offer them immediate advantages. Adopting this new technology not only ensures readiness but also introduces features that can significantly enhance the experiences of both their customers and employees.

Why Morph?

Morph, created over four decades ago by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, is one of multi-award-winning animation studio Aardman’s pioneering and simplest masterpieces. This clay character, recognised for his slapstick comedy prowess and gobbledygook language, employs alternative methods to convey messages, aptly reflecting the essence of the Big Switch-off campaign.

The Morph Magic: Simplifying the Complex

Morph’s speciality lies in his ability to convey messages in an uncomplicated, relatable manner. His history, spanning over 40 years and marking appearances in TV programs like The Epic Adventures of Morph available on Sky Kids, ensures that he resonates with multiple generations, especially business owners and decision-makers.

The collaboration was met with unanimous support from Aardman, with co-creator Peter Lord delving into the creative process, ensuring that the final product would be quintessentially Morph.

Will Studd, Director at Aardman commented “Gamma approached us with an exciting brief – To use Morph and Chas to help explain the big switch over of landline phones to new more versatile digital systems.

“Working together with Peter Lord, co-creator of Morph, and Chris Parker, author, and screenwriter, we created a fun, playful narrative that explains the concepts, and benefits of the switch, in a way that harks back to the golden age of kids TV.

“Voiced by Derek Griffiths, the staple of 1970’s and 80’s Children’s BBC, we created a memorable, authentic film that plays on Morph and Chas’ classic antagonistic relationship, to show how beneficial and easy the transition to digital is. Just like the show, Morph ends up on top, enjoying the full benefits of his digital communication. The film was a joy to create.”

Helen Owen, Gamma’s Head of Product Marketing, and a fan of Morph added “Morph is the ideal, if not obvious, ambassador for the Big Switch-off. His appeal bridges multiple generations and his ability to simplify and bring humour to the everyday ensures that he cuts through the noise and captures the audience’s attention.  We believe that raising awareness of this significant change within UK businesses is essential and are hoping that the partnership of Gamma and Morph will draw attention to a Big Switch-off which to date has gone largely unheralded.”

Behind the Scenes

Bringing Morph to life for this campaign was a meticulous process. The advert was divided into individual shots, sequenced for minimal disruptions and to maintain continuity. In a nostalgic touch, Peter Lord ensured the incorporation of some of Morph’s original set dressings, including specially crafted paint cans with their ‘Lord & Sprox’ brand.

A Smile for a Serious Cause

While the topic of the Big Switch-off might seem technical and mundane to many, Morph’s unique charm and antics are set to sprinkle it with humour and simplicity. This collaborative effort aims to break the noise barrier and address the knowledge gap surrounding this subject in the UK.

Gamma encourages audiences to make the time to view and share the campaign video, bringing attention to the vital message of the PSTN switch-off and its broader implications.

To help us share Morph’s message, for more information or press inquiries, please see the contact details at the end of this release.




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About Aardman

Aardman is an employee-owned company, based in Bristol (UK) and co-founded in 1976 by Peter Lord and David Sproxton. An independent, multi-Academy Award® and BAFTA® award winning studio, it produces feature films, series, advertising, games and interactive entertainment. Current animated productions include the feature length sequel Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget and a brand new Wallace & Gromit film.

Its productions are global in appeal, novel, entertaining, brilliantly characterised and full of charm reflecting the unique talent, energy and personal commitment of the Aardman team. The studio’s work – which includes the creation of much-loved characters including Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time and Morph – is often imitated, and yet the company continues to lead the field producing a rare brand of visually stunning content for cinema, broadcasters, digital platforms and live experiences around the world. Recent celebrated projects include the Academy Award® and BAFTA® nominated short film Robin Robin, International Emmy® award winning Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, BAFTA® nominated preschool series The Very Small Creatures and the brand new CGI comedy series for kids Lloyd of the Flies.

The studio runs the Aardman Academy which has a commitment to nurturing talent by delivering excellence in film and animation training and mentoring. The Aardman Academy offers a variety of courses from intensive one-day workshops teaching production skills and storyboarding, to comprehensive twelve-week courses for professionals in craft based subjects from model making to animation.

In November 2018 it became an Employee-Owned Organisation, to ensure Aardman remains independent and to secure the creative legacy and culture of the company for many decades to come.


About Morph

Morph is the animated clay character who made his TV debut in 1977 in the children’s BBC programme Take Hart, alongside the artist and presenter Tony Hart. He was one of Aardman’s first creations and was later joined by his cream-coloured partner-in-crime Chas.

Morph was a regular fixture on children’s television throughout the 70s and 80s, and received his own Blue Peter badge on 9th March 1981 when Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene visited the Aardman studios.

In 2013, almost 40 years after his TV debut, Morph made a comeback following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. He has a dedicated fan base of nostalgic adult fans and a growing audience of children who follow his adventures on his thriving YouTube channel and on Sky Kids.  Most recently Morph and his sidekick Chas have been delighting fans with all-new adventures in ‘The Epic Adventures of Morph’, a longer format series which launched on Sky Kids and NowTV in 2020.

Despite now being in his forties, Morph is as mischievous as ever.