Please find below the consolidated financial figures for the Gamma Communications plc group. These should be read in conjuction with the corresponding annual report in the results and presentation section of the website.

Revenue (£m)484.6447.7393.8328.9284.9
Percentage change8.2%13.7%19.7%15.4%
Operating profit (£m)65.468.375.745.534.4
Percentage change-4.2%-9.8%66.4%32.3%
Adjusted EBITDA* (£m)105.195.479.063.548.3
Percentage change10.2%20.8%24.4%31.5%
Dividend per share (pence)
Percentage change13.6%12.8%11.4%12.9%
Adjusted PBT (£m)87.877.261.748.134.9
Adjusted Earnings Per Share
Adjusted earnings per Ordinary Share – basic (pence)72.564.851.941.330.6
Adjusted earnings per Ordinary Share – diluted (pence)71.864.051.340.830.3
Percentage change12.2%24.8%25.7%34.7%
Earnings Per Share
Basic per Ordinary Share (pence)51.155.967.536.630.3
Diluted per Ordinary Share (pence)50.655.266.636.130.0
Cash generated by operations (£m)99.189.870.354.040.6
Gross cash94.652.853.953.935.5
Gross debt**-2.1-3.3-5.9--
Net cash (cash and cash equivalents less borrowings**) (£m)92.549.548.053.935.5

*All measures which are described as "adjusted" represent Alternative Performance Measures ("APMs") and are defined and reconciled in the annual report for each year and are applied consistently. The policy on the use of APMs is included in the annual reports which can be found on results and presentations.

**We do not class contingent consideration or IFRS 16 lease liabilities as debt for the purpose of quoting a gross debt or net cash figure.

The above figures are an extract from the annual reports, and these should be considered in conjunction with the published annual accounts, including the accounting policies.