Chief Executive Officer Appointment

Gamma Communications plc (“Gamma” or the “Company”), a leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service (“UCaaS”) into the UK and European business markets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Belshaw as Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from 30 November 2022.

The appointment of Andrew, who was appointed CFO at the time of Gamma’s IPO in 2014, and held that position through a period of substantial growth for the Company until 3rd May 2022 when he became Deputy CEO, and then Interim CEO in July 2022, follows a thorough recruitment process involving external consultants.

Andrew Belshaw, CEO of Gamma, said:

“I am energised and excited to be taking Gamma into its future. We are in a fantastic position, with a strong leadership team and extensive product portfolio. We have everything we need to grab a hold of the opportunity open to us in the European markets and I am feeling very privileged to be in this role and will certainly be giving it my all.”

Richard Last, Chair of Gamma, said:

“I am pleased to be able to announce the appointment of Andrew as Chief Executive.  There are exciting opportunities ahead for Gamma, and Andrew, with the support of the Gamma leadership team and the Board, is well placed to ensure that we capitalise upon them.  The Board and wider leadership team are looking forward to working with Andrew as Chief Executive.”