Gamma welcomes Three UK and Vodafone Merger.

Gamma welcomes Three UK and Vodafone Merger.

Gamma Communications is a proud business partner of Three UK and welcomes the news of the merger between Three UK and Vodafone, which is subject to UK Competition and Markets Authority approval. This strategic partnership will further strengthen Three UK’s network infrastructure and will create the UK’s largest network. Together, they will form one of Europe’s leading 5G networks, transform customer experience, and provide better choice and value for mobile and broadband customers across the UK.

We can assure our business customers that this merger is an exciting development for Gamma’s customers. Services will, in no way, be impacted negatively and customers will still benefit from what is already the 2nd highest-rated mobile network in the country with the UK’s fastest 5G. Our commitment to exceptional solutions and customer service remains unwavering. With this next step, we are confident in our ability to further meet the evolving needs of our customers, delivering uninterrupted connectivity and reliable services.

Steven Lowe, Product Director Mobile at Gamma expressed his approval: “This is fantastic news for Gamma customers and Partners. The 3UK network is extremely competitive right now with strong 4G performance and availability and a market-leading position in 5G. Once the 3UK network is combined with Vodafone’s network and the complementary coverage footprints are brought together, Gamma customers will have access to the UK’s biggest network, and one of the leading 5G networks in the whole of Europe.”

While specific details are forthcoming, we are committed to keeping our customers informed. Any updates resulting from the news will be promptly communicated to our valued customers.

Gamma is excited about this new chapter in delivering value and innovation to our customers and we will continue to keep you informed over the coming months.